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The Carol Mailer Bridging Reins
Giving you total control of your horse

Made from the Finest English Sedgwick Leather

The Bridging Rein was developed by Carol Mailer who has successfully competed and trained horses and riders of all abilities for more than 30 years. During that time she has tried all the various training aids that have been produced. Some work for a while; some don't work at all; the others are so complicated that you need an expert to adjust them correctly.

The Bridging Rein is different. It is so simple, yet it has made a vast and immediate improvement to every rider who has used it. It is definitely not a gadget. You are always holding the rein as normal, and there is no restraining action on the horse.

  • Very easy to adjust
  • No restraining action on the horse
  • Designed by professionals
How the Bridging Reins Help You

The Bridging Rein basically solves all the problems of slipping reins by providing an acceptable, non-slipping alternative to a knot in the reins. The Bridging Rein encourages you to keep a consistent hold on the reins without the horse pulling them through your fingers.

The bridging strap is so unobtrusive that after using them for five minutes you will not be aware it is there. You should feel that perhaps your hands are a little snugger and more comfortable than usual.

The bridge only becomes effective when things start to deteriorate. If your horse gets too keen or strong, the bridge will not allow the reins to be pulled right through your hands. You will be able to maintain the consistent contact necessary to stay in control in all situations.

How to Use the Bridging Reins

Follow these simple instructions to ensure you get the best use from your reins the most important thing to remember is to be comfortable.

1. Hold the reins where you would normally take them; then, fasten the strap well below the holding point.

2. Thread the strap up towards the bit and then back through the keeper behind the buckle.

3. Next, thread the strap down through the corresponding loop on the opposite rein and fasten through the buckle at the desired length.

Start with the bridging strap fastened slightly on the long side. The strap is easily adjustable, taking only a matter of minutes to lengthen or shorten the position of the bridge, either by moving it to a different pair of loops or by adjusting the length of the strap. If you feel the bridge is forcing the hands into position, the adjustment is too short and wrong. Be comfortable! When you adjust the rein correctly to your requirements, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

All the reins are 5/8 inch wide, and made from only the finest English Sedgwick leather.

The following options are available:
Colours: Black or Brown
Styles: Superior Non Fray Half Lined
Sizes: Full, Pony or Small Pony (child size)

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Full Size: